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Our Company Name

Aquatic Sports and Adventures is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) incorporated in Mexico. Our legal company name is: Deportes y Aventuras Acuaticas S DE RL DE CV which translates to "Sports and Adventures Aquatic" or "Aquatic Sports and Adventures". You will see our legal name on PayPal pages. Do not let this confuse you!


As much as we would love it, we cannot run on Island Time. I do not know of a dive shop anywhere that says: just wander in sometime tomorrow morning. When we give you a time, we need you at the shop at that exact time. Being as little as 15 minutes late may cause you to miss a dive or a class with no refund! If breakfast is going to be a problem, pick up coffee at OXXO on your way or grab some items the night before.

Reservations and Deposits

  • We require reservations, especially during the high season (October thru April)
  • You may call and inquire about dates but we do NOT hold dates without a deposit
  • To assure the date(s) you want, make a reservation and a deposit, we are just like a hotel
  • Our site is structured to take payment in full via PayPal "Buy It Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons
  • If you want to make a 50% deposit, you have the option via "PayPal Send Money"

Advance Payments and deposits

  • Advance payments and deposits are required for reservations and to hold specific dates
  • Payment in full is required for retail items
  • You may send a 50% deposit to us for classes and tours at:, via Paypal at
    Send it for Services in US$.
  • PayPal does require you to have a PayPal account

Deposits to our bank account

  • Customers living in Mexico may deposit money directly to our bank account for tours, classes and retail items
  • Contact us for information on making a deposit to Banorte
  • Send a photo or scan of the deposit slip to
  • along with the details on what it is for (class, tour, merchandise)


  • We prefer advance payments via PayPal; it is a secure process where we do not have your credit card number
  • We accept Visa and MasterCard at the store or any card that PayPal accepts for these transactions
  • You do not have to have a PayPal account to "Send Money" for "Services", see above
  • Payments you make via PayPal will appear on your statement as: "PAYPAL*DEPORTESYAV"
  • Our PayPal Merchant ID is "NVWQZYB6VSRKN"

Onsite Payments

  • When at our shop, we can accept only your VISA or MasterCard credit card
  • In our shop we use our banks credit card processing system and regulations
  • It is mandatory for the card to be inserted into the bank's scanner
  • We will also accept U.S. dollars but prefer credit cards or pesos
  • We will also accept Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate
  • Our preference is for the above - we can not handle travelers checks and other currencies
  • PayPal transactions from within Mexico can sometimes by declined by PayPal for security reasons

Refund Policies

  • There are no refunds for cancels on the day of the "event" (dive, training, snorkel etc.)
  • We will refund 100% of your deposit for classes if you cancel two weeks in advance
  • We will refund 100% of your deposit for tours and dives if you cancel two full days in advance
  • No exceptions for dives or snorkel trips on a boat and for activities that require a pool on that day
  • We will refund 100% of your deposit for problems beyond our control that prevent us from taking you out or providing your training
  • Rain is never a valid reason for a refund. Lightning is a valid reason.

PADI Online Learning - eLearning

  • Many PADI classes may be taken online (eLearning)
  • For these classes, you may your payment directly to PADI via a credit card
  • For most classes Online learning covers the "Knowledge Portion" of the class only
  • There is another charge from us to cover your skills training (pool and open water) and certification
  • We are able to monitor your progress and answer questions
  • It is very important if you use the Online Learning option that you use this link:
  • Using the link above, gives us access to your records and creates an assocation between you and our shop

Contact Information

  • Address: Privada Los Naranjos #30, Santiago
    Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico C.P. 28861
  • Phone in the USA direct to the shop in MX: 909-266-0271
  • Phone Internationally to MX: 011-52-314-334-6394
  • Phone from MX: 314-334-6394
Aquatic Sports and Adventures
Address: Privada Los Naranjos #30, Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico  28860
Phone in the USA direct to the shop in MX: 909-266-0271
Phone Internationally to MX: 011-52-314-334-6394
Phone from MX: 314-334-6394
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