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The People of Mexico

Mexico, like the USA, was a melting pot of people from different origins and cultures. It has taken longer for this to mix to blend because of diseases brought by newcomers, extreme differences in backgrounds, a violent history and uneven population growth. Because of the uneven population growth, geographic challenges and the lack of water the village organization evolved. Most villages were self-sufficient and were capable of existing without contact or commerce with the rest of the country. There is a mix of part European (cities) to Indian (hamlets and villages). The average tourist may never see the Indian mix in the small, rural areas.

Contemporary Mexican's are, essentially, a brand-new race. In the USA the melting pot produced a new country but not a new people. Originally, they were called mestizo, someone of mixed European and Indian blood. Less than 150 years ago the Mexican Indian outnumbered both the mestizo and the Europeans. Their attitudes have been shaped by their history which includes Spanish rule (destruction of temples, cultural records, morality and leaders), revolutions, loss of history and identity and natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, destructive tropical downpours, hurricanes and floods. The Mexican lives in a world where skepticism and cynicism are a means of survival. This can cause an expectation that any new experience of contact will bring something bad.

Visitors to Mexico may expect caballeros or Pancho Villas but they will be disappointed. The people have changed and are now more open to the world with insecurity less prevalent. More confidence is shown and a sense of worth and of nation. People are more cosmopolitan. It was Octavio Paz, a Mexican writer, diplomat and poet that said:

"Whereas Americans are ready to believe, we are believers; they love stories of enchanted nymphs, and detective yarns, we like myths and legends. The Mexican lies are fantasies done out of desperation or to surmount a sordid life; Americans do not lie, they substitute the true truth for the social truth. We get drunk to confess; they to forget. They are optimists; we are nihilists - but our nihilism isn't intellectual, but rather an instinctive reaction, therefore irrefutable. Mexicans are suspicious; Americans are open. We are sad and sarcastic; they are happy and jovial. Americans always wish to understand everything; we prefer to contemplate. They are activists, we are quiet. We gather the dividends of our wounds while they count the dividends from their inventions. They believe in hygiene, health, work and happiness, but they never experience the true delirious happiness which is both a drunkenness and a tornado. In the celebration of a night fiesta our voices are surrounded by lights, and life and death are mixed; they, on the other hand, let their vitality be petrified in a smile, they deny aging and death, and they immobilize life."
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