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The Statuary and Topiaries of Manzanillo

If you visit the Port in Manzanillo, not only will you be looking at the largest port in Mexico, but you will get to see some fabulous statuary and topiaries. You will find these along the street on the way into the port (topiaries) and along the Malecon alongside the water. Some have been donated to Manzanillo by the Governor of the State of Colima. These portray life along the coast and in a port town. Others portray Manzanillo's reputation as the Billfish Capitol of the World; sister city to St. Paul, MN and pay tribute to some of Mexico's leaders.

Monument to the FisherladyMonument to the Fisherlady
A gift of his sculpture, "The Fisher Lady", by Roger Von Guten in September 2000.

The Stevedor, "El Estibador"The Stevedor, "El Estibador"
This sculpture by Ruben Hernandez Guerrero was given to the citizens of Manzanillo to commemorate the founding of C.R.O.M. on 23rd May 1919 by the Colima State Governor Jesus silverio Cavazos Ceballos in the company of Mayor of Manzanillo C. Virgilio Mendoza Amezcua and C. Cecilio Lepe Bautista General Secretary of C.R.O.M .-U.E.J.P. (Union of Stevedors) in August 2009.

Monument to the Tugboat "Scorpion"Monument to the Tugboat "Scorpion"
In honor of the professional and volunteer crew of the tugboat "Scorpion" who fought a fire on the tanker "Mary Ellen" when she caught fire at the docks. The bow of the tugboat is encased in cement. The oilers at the PEMEX station shut off the flow of fuel and tugboat fought the flames. The tanker's lines were cast off allowing her to drift away from the dock area where other ships and the dock itself was in danger. The sculpture was given in 1997.

Monument to the FishermanMonument to the Fisherman
This is a sculpture, "The Fisherman", created by Ruben Hernandez Guerrero and given to the people of Manzanillo by the Governor of the State of Colima Lic. Jesus Silverio Cavasos Cballos on behalf of the State Government in the presence of C. Virgilio Mendoza Amezcua, Mayor of Manzanillo and Lic. Sergio Marcelino Bravo the Secretary of Tourism for the State of Colima. February 25, 2008.

Monument to the Merchant SailorMonument to the Merchant Sailor
The State Government of Colima gifted this sculpture, "The Merchant Sailor", to the people of Manzanillo in tribute to the hard work of their seamen and the development of the Port of Manzanillo. Given on behalf of the Sate by Governor Jesus Silverio Cavasos Ceballos in the company of C. Virginia Mendoza Amezcua, Mayor of Manzanillo, Sergio Marcelino Baravo, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Colima and Harbor Master Enrique Casarrubias.

Monument Dancing Water FountainMonument Dancing Water Fountain
The monument "Dancing Water Fountain" was presented to the citizens of Manzanillo by Governor of Colima, Jesus Silverio Cavazos Ceballos in the company of C. Virgilio Mendoza Amezcua, Mayor of Manzanillo and Sergio Mareclino Bravo Sandoval, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Colima, October 2008.

Monument to the Pilot BoatMonument to the Pilot Boat
National maritime Pilots Association of Manzanillo. This boat saw duty as a life boat on the German ship "Havilland" which sheltered in the port of Manzanillo during the Second World War, was watched by the American Battleship "Eerie" but escaped under the cover of night. The lifeboat was renovated in 1942 by Capt. Juan Abaro, maritime pilot of Manzanillo and used as a pilot boat until January 2000 when it was decommissioned from ocean duties.

Huntress of StarsHuntress of Stars
"The Huntress of Stars" is a monument to represent the huntress rising out of the sea onto the shore of Manzanillo in Colima and then catches ten stars which denote the municipalities therein. This is the work of sculptor Ruben Hernandez Guerrero and was donated on December 29, 2006.

Monument to The SailorMonument to The Sailor
This tribute to "The Sailor" by sculptor Ruben Hernandez Guerrero, was presented to Manzanillo by Governor of Colima, Jesus Silverio Cavazoz Ceballos with witness of Honour Commander General Admiral Mariano Francisco Sayne Mendoza, Staff College Graduate and Sergio Marcelino Bravo Sandoval, Secretary of Tourism for the state of Colima. June 1st, 2007.

Snoopy from St. Paul, MN, Sister City to ManzanilloSnoopy from St. Paul, MN, Sister City to Manzanillo
This statue was donated to the city of Manzanillo by Saint Paul, Minnesota on 2/5/2003. It was dedicated to honor the Sister City Partnerships and to honor the memory of Saint Paul's native son, Charles M. Schulz and Lloyd and Ardis Peterson, Minnesotan's who fell in love with Manzanillo in 1969.

Monument to Benito JuarezMonument to Benito Juarez
Honors Benito Juarez, known as father to the New Republic of Mexico.

The Billfish SculptureThe Billfish Sculpture
Dominating the waterfront is a 30 meter tall 25 meter wide monument called the Monumento al Pez Vela. It is a giant blue sailfish statue that refers to the most important sport in Manzanillo, that of fishing. Manzanillo is called the world capital of sailfish sport fishing and hosts many fishing tournaments year round. The statue itself was created by a premier Mexican sculptor Sebastian. Sebastian is a member of the World Arts Council Forum based in Geneva, and has gained worldwide fame designing sculptures using complex geometric shapes. Locals affectionately call it "el camaron" due to its remarkable resemblance to a giant shrimp. The blue sailfish is one of the biggest symbols of Manzanillo. As you travel around in the city you can't help but see this mascot everywhere.

Bird TopiaryBird Topiary

Pineapple TopiaryPineapple Topiary

Little House TopiaryLittle House Topiary

Little Dog TopiaryLittle Dog Topiary

Pilot Boat TopiaryPilot Boat Topiary

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