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Colima's Middle History

Antonio Mendoza Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza visited the city of Colima in 1540 and ordered the construction of a royal road between Colima and Mexico City. The new route quickly made Colima a vital center of commerce. The port city of Manzanillo, with its central location on the Pacific coast, also played a key role in gathering and transporting goods for the Spanish crown.

Manzanillo's importance waned in light of the 1561 decree making Acapulco the sole port of entry for Pacific commerce. Since Manzanillo was on the Pacific Coast trade routes used by the Spanish, pirates often lurked in the waters off Manzanillo Bay, providing an ever-present threat throughout the period of Spanish colonization of Mexico.

While Manzanillo Bay had long been recognized as an excellent harbor, it wasn't until after 1870 that Manzanillo's fortunes rose. Rail connections to Colima and Guadalajara resulted in the city gaining the distinction of becoming an official port of entry to Mexico.

By royal decree, Acapulco became Spain's sole port of entry on the Pacific in 1561. With the exception of an occasional merchant galleon or pirate caravel stopping for repairs or supplies, all other Pacific ports, including Manzanillo, reverted to fishing villages.

When the fight for Mexican independence began in 1810, Colima priest José Antonio Díaz led a group of revolutionaries in support of Miguel Hidalgo. A relatively small number of royal troops occupied the region when hostilities began, and they were easily defeated by the rebels. Afterward, little military action took place in Colima. In 1821, the Plan of Iguala established the direction for an independent Mexico. When Spain signed the Treaty of Córdoba later that year, Colima and the other Mexican territories formally gained their independence.

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