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Colima's Infrastructure


Colima has a total of 1,225 miles (1,971.5 kilometers) of highways that link the state's ten municipalities, eight of which have four-lane highways. Spectacular panoramic toll highways span gorges approaching Colima city from Guadalajara. Dubbed "Red Carretera", or Highway Network,the state's highways connect with the NAFTA route, beginning in Manzanillo, passing through the cities of Tecomán and Colima and continuing on to Jalisco state where it joins the Guadalajara-Mexico highway to the U.S. and Canada.


Passenger service is no longer available in Colima or Mexico except for tourist routes in the Copper Canyon, Tequila, and in the Yucatán. One hundred and forty seven miles (237 kilometers) of railroads in Colima carrying cargo connect the major cities of the state with the rest of the country.


The state has two airports. The Playa del Oro International Airport with domestic and international flights is located in the municipality of Manzanillo. The Miguel de la Madrid Airport is near the capital city, Colima, in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc.


Colima state has post offices, telegraph offices, cellular and hard line telephone service, radio stations and four local television channels. Internet service, private cable and television service are available in and near the main cities of Colima and Manzanillo. With a U.S. billing address Sirius/XM signals, Dish Network and DirectTV can be received but it is technically illegal. There are UPS deliveries and Manzanillo has a PAKMail and a Mailboxes Etc. Mailboxes Etc. has a plan where your outbound U.S. mail goes to Laredo, TX in a pouch and is then mailed within the U.S. to the destination.


Colima has two massive coal powered thermoelectric power plants located in Manzanillo. The plants supply the entire state with electrical energy. In addition, 95% of the power they generate goes to the rest of Mexico and is sold to other countries. Plans and construction have started on a conversion for the power plant to switch from a very dirty burning fuel to Natural Gas sometime late in 2010 or early 2011.

As of March, 2010 there are two large tank terminals which just had "the lid" put in place (approximately 1000 tons) and the facility took delivery of 10,000 tons of gas from the Ukraine. There are breakwaters, channels with El Campo being the staging area. A gas pipeline is being built from the Manzanillo terminal to Guadalajara. As of late 2012 several of the generators are online.

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