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Acapulco Damselfish Acapulco Damselfish

Balloonfish Balloonfish

Banded Guitarfish Banded Guitarfish

Barberfish Barberfish

Barred Serrano Barred Serrano

Beaubrummel Damselfish Beaubrummel Damselfish

Bullseye Electric Ray Bullseye Electric Ray

Coronetfish Coronetfish

Cortez Angelfish Cortez Angelfish

Cortez Rainbow Wrasse Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

Cortez Stringray Cortez Stringray

Giant Damsel Giant Damsel

Giant Electric Ray Giant Electric Ray

Giant Hawkfish Giant Hawkfish

Golden Snapper Golden Snapper

Guineafowl Puffer Guineafowl Puffer

Jewel Moray Jewel Moray

King Angelfish King Angelfish

Longnose Puffer Longnose Puffer

Mexican Goatfish Mexican Goatfish

Moorish Idol Moorish Idol

Pacific Highhat Pacific Highhat

Pacific Leopard Flounder Pacific Leopard Flounder

Pacific Mutton Hamlet Pacific Mutton Hamlet

Pacific Porgy Pacific Porgy

Panama Graysby Panama Graysby

Panamic Fanged Blennie Panamic Fanged Blennie

Panamic Green Moray Panamic Green Moray

Panamic Sergeant Major Panamic Sergeant Major

Panamic Soldierfish Panamic Soldierfish

Peacock Razorfish Peacock Razorfish

Player Scorpionfish Player Scorpionfish

Redsaddled Snake Eel Redsaddled Snake Eel

Seahorse (Pacific) Seahorse (Pacific)

Spottail Grunt Spottail Grunt

Spotted Boxfish Spotted Boxfish

Spotted Sharpnose Puffer Spotted Sharpnose Puffer

Stone Scorpionfish Stone Scorpionfish

Threebanded Butterflyfish Threebanded Butterflyfish

Tiger Snake Eel Tiger Snake Eel

Tropical Flounder Tropical Flounder

Tube Blenny Tube Blenny

White Spotted (Stripebelly) Puffer White Spotted (Stripebelly) Puffer

Yellow Spotted Star Yellow Spotted Star

Yellowtail Surgeonfish Yellowtail Surgeonfish

Zebra Moray Zebra Moray

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