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Seahorse (Pacific)

Seahorse (Pacific)

Found at depths from 10-60 feet they have numerous fine, light and dark line markings radiating from eye and on the body. Occasional (but rarely observed) Gulf of California and Pacific Coast of Baja to Panama. This is the only seahorse in eastern Pacific. They tend to ignore divers, but move away when approached. If you can spot one they allow a close approach and rarely move, but tuck their heads and turn away.


Family: Pipefishes and Seahorses
Features: Their colors are highly variable but include shades of gray, brown, yellow, red and gold. They are solitary. They curl their tail around braches of gorgonians and black coral trees, camouflaging within their branches. Occasionally float free or lie on the bottom.
Size: They grow from 4" to 8" with a maximum of 12".
Cautions: None
Seahorse (Pacific)Seahorse (Pacific)Seahorse (Pacific)Seahorse (Pacific)
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