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San Luciano Shipwreck:

On August 6, 1965 she struck a submerged rock at Punta Hermanos, Tenacatita, about 38 miles / 61 km from Manzanillo. The collision damaged her front and tore into her forward cargo holds. Flooding went back to the engine room's bulkhead and held. The Captain, Romero Ortiz, flooded the rear ballast tanks to balance the vessel and continued to sail to Manzanillo. Anchored out on the Juluapan peninsula near Playa La Boquita in Santiago Bay, a diver descended on the wreck and determined the damage was too great for repair. Lloyds of London states "SAN LUCIANO sank at Manzanillo"...to be salvaged." She was sold to a scrap salvage operation in Guadalajara. Her upper works and many of her fittings and gear were salvaged as late as 1988. To her credit she was the oldest deep water commercial steamship still active on the Pacific Coast, with a 73 year history that spanned two World Wars.

She remains a sunken treasure in Manzanillo. The San Luciano is 300 feet long. A 10-15 minute swim from shore, scuba divers and snorkelers can enjoy the thrill of a ship wreck in shallow water. An average depth of about 20 feet / 6 meters. You can circumnavigate the wreck and there are some areas where you can penetrate. Visibility on the wreck is often not very good but there are times when it is very good and you can see a lot of the ship and start to put things together rather than seeing 5 feet / 1.5 meters at a time. She does have a history!

The San Luciano Shipwreck Manzanillo Dive Site

Shipwrecks always fascinate people so this is one of Manzanillo's most popular dive sites. This wreck has so many huge puffer fish it is impossible to describe. Both a huge quantity and a huge variety, I doubt you will ever see this many balloonfish again, anywhere. Hawksbill turtles have been sighted on this wreck as well as seahorses and octopus. There are huge schools of grunts that swim and swirl around the wreck.

Follow this link to get more information and many photos of the San Luciano
The San Luciano Shipwreck

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