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Manzanillo Dive Sites

Aquatic Sports and Adventures Dive Sites

We maintain a list of Manzanillo scuba dive sites and coordinates and will be delighted to recommend or take you out to these sites with our PADI Professionals. There are depths and conditions for every diver's ability. Certified divers may wish to rent equipment and go off on their own. We can customize a tour to your group's desires and needs. There is limited shore diving in Manzanillo. We like to deal with small numbers of divers but will accommodate any size group at your request.

As most dive shops in the area, Aquatic Sports and Adventures uses boats that leave from La Boquita beach and return there. This makes our trips to key dive sites faster. When we plan dive tours we take our clients level of expertise into account and guide them in selecting sites to dive based on the types of dives they want. We generally like to AVOID a "dive tour" concept that will always go to the same places. Our bays are open to the Pacific and conditions can change daily. We solicit client input and will CUSTOMIZE your dive tour to your desires and skill level. We will select a place that offers the best visibility and the best diving for that particular day! If we advertise a tour that goes to certain places we are then obligated to dive those sites even if they are NOT the best site for that day.



Playa La Audiencia Shore
Club De Yates Boat/Shore
L'Recif Boat
The Las Brisas Jetty Boat/Shore
Los Frailes (The Friars) Boat
Roca Elefante (Elephant Rock) Boat
Los Carrizales (The Reeds) Boat
La Ahogada (Drowned Rock) Boat
Las Piramides (Pyramids) Boat
The Copper Belt Boat
San Luciano Shipwreck Boat/Shore
The Aquarium Boat
Orejas de Caballo
(The Horses Ear)
Petatera Boat
Tortuga Roca (Turtle Rock) Boat
Punta Vey (Point "V") Boat
Pena Blanca Boat
The Fisherman's Memorial Attraction, but can dive in the area
El Hoyo Diablo
(The Devils Hole Bufadora)
Attraction Only
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Address: Privada Los Naranjos #30, Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico  28860
Phone in the USA direct to the shop in MX: 909-266-0271
Phone Internationally to MX: 011-52-314-334-6394
Phone from MX: 314-334-6394
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