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Manzanillo SCUBA Shore Dives

Manzanillo Shore Dive

Many folks shy away from a shore dive. In some areas shore diving can be a lot of physical work. Carry gear a long way. Awkward entries across rocks. But shore dives are very common in many areas. We have a shore dive here that is a favorite dive among the locals. The small bay has rock and sand and varied depths which attracts a diversity of sea life that I have not seen on any other dive site in our area. This is where we like to do our training dives and the area that most local photographers head to for photos. The entry is easy and the distance for getting into and out of the water is short. See our tip sheet below!

Description Price in $USD Purchase
Shore Dive 1 Tank (3 hrs.) $65.00/pp Contact us for dates
Shore Dive 2 Tanks (5 hrs.) $80.00/pp Contact us for dates

Shore or Beach Diving Tips

  • A dive from shore means sand. To help avoid it suit up away from the sand; the car, the parking lot. Carry your mask/snorkel and fins and head straight to the water.
  • When you reach the water, rinse and put on your mask. Put the regulator in your mouth. If you get "splashed" you want to be ready. Wade out until chest-deep. Try to keep your feet under you. Lean on a buddy. Strap on your fins.
  • Keep a wary eye on waves. If a big wave comes in, maintain your feet under you. If the wave lifts you off the bottom, keep your toes pointed down and as soon as you can feel the bottom, get your balance back.
  • If you are knocked down by a wave, do not attempt to stand up—especially if your fins are on! Crawl on all fours. If the water is deep enough, kick hard for deeper water.
  • Past the surf line, roll onto your back and surface kick out to calmer water. Look at a fixed point or use a compass bearing to help get you to the dive site.
  • After the dive, surface before you get too close to the surf zone. Keep your regulator in your mouth. Keep your mask on. Get some air into your BCD. Kick for shore while keeping a wary eye on the waves coming behind you.
  • If your timing is good you can reach the same chest-deep water, remove your fins and walk in before the next wave.
  • When you get to the water's edge, don’t stop! Remove your mask as you walk. Walk all the way back to the car or parking lot to avoid sand.
  • Simple? Yes. Beach diving isn't all that hard!
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