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Sport Diving in Manzanillo

by Terry Sovil

King AngelfishJacques Yves Cousteau and Emil Cagnan invented the SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) unit in 1945. Not that long ago. This invention put underwater exploration within reach of everyone. Personally, I've found that SCUBA diving is more than just a sport; it's a way of life and has been very rewarding for me since I started diving in 1969. Instant diver, just add water!

If you have ever contemplated trying SCUBA you should. It's easy. You can experience it in a pool and if you enjoy it an open water dive can be done so you can experience it all in a single day. If you enjoy it and decide to pursue a certification, it's easy to do. The import thing is that you learn from professionals and understand the few basic rules to stay safe.

Moorish IdolEver wonder what divers do? Besides enjoying the absolute thrill of breathing underwater divers experience pleasures such as underwater photography, diving on shipwrecks, looking for lost objects and watching fish to mention a few. The diving in Manzanillo is excellent! You can't make direct comparisons to the Caribbean side of Mexico because our visibility isn't as good. Make a few adjustments in your expectations to Pacific coastal diving and you will be pleased at the visibility we do get and the incredible amount of fish life you can see right off our shores. You can see it with a snorkel or with full SCUBA gear. Jump in, the viewing is exciting!

Spotted BoxfishManzanillo, Mexico is on the same latitude as Hawaii and the bottom structure is much the same. There is rock, boulders, ledges, walls, pinnacles, canyons, coral, lava flows, cracks and crevices for SCUBA divers to explore. The location is volcanic in origin and one can see evidence of early lava flows underwater. Water temperatures range from 72°F in the winter to 82°F and higher in the summer.

Manzanillo bottom formations attract a wide diversity of fish and critters for you to watch. The diversity of fish life is fantastic and has been proclaimed so by many groups and divers. The most endangered turtle in the world, the hawksbill, has been observed in Manzanillo both by divers underwater and on the surface. Watch for lobster, moray eels, stingrays, electric rays, spotted eagle rays, the beautiful King Angelfish and the Moorish Idol plus many more. You'll be pleased at what you will see in your own backyard. Interested in seeing more photos of Manzanillo underwater fish life? Try this link and select "Manzanillo Fish Life":

Panamic Green MorayWhile you enjoy the natural beauty of Manzanillo, please respect the importance and fragile nature of the underwater world. Practice some basic eco-tourism: Enjoy but don't touch! Take only photos and memories - leave only bubbles. Don't remove anything from the natural environment. Choose seafood items caught or harvested from sustainable native fish populations. Don't buy products made from coral, a threatened marine species or wood products obtained from clear-cut tropical forests causing siltation damage to coral reefs.

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