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Manzanillo Skim Fiesta

by Terry Sovil

Skim Fiesta PosterManzanillo hosted a National Tournament event on Saturday - Sunday, 11/14-15/2009, on Playa del Carmen in Salahua. There was some radio and TV coverage of the event along with participation of National Brand Names in equipment such as Squalo and Victoria Skim boards. This event promotes surf and skim boarding activities among high school students with competition at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

There were about 200 observers over the two event with about 30 competitors. Winners names were not available at the time of this writing but first and third places went to participants from Melaque and 2nd place went to a Manzanillo resident.

Skim boarding is an event where the participants need a long, wide beach and waves that break close to shore. Their board is flat with no fins and is shorter than a traditional surf board. They hold their board and wait for the right wave then run down the beach, throw down the board on the wet sand, jump on and ride out to meet the wave. When the wave breaks they do a quick turn and ride it in as the surfers do. It takes a lot of practice and skill and falls can be tough since you are in shallow water. A lot of talent was displayed by the participants in this event.

This event in the past has drawn observers and participants from Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Melaque, Acapulco and Guadalajara so it's an event that will be of interest to all Manzanillo residents. Manzanillo Real Estate Professionals are one of the many sponsors of this event in addition to helping support two local surfers and a skim boarder.

Skim Fiesta
Skim Fiesta
Skim Fiesta
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