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2012 Childrens Christmas Parties in Manzanillo

by Terry Sovil

Mira Mar Children's Christmas Party

The first Children's Christmas Party of the season was held at Mira Mar in a kindergarten school. The location was easy to reach and proved to be an excellent venue for the party. The location is fenced, has many trees for shade and being elevated a bit was catching a nice breeze. The party was held on 23/December/2012 from 3 to 6pm.

The welcoming committee attached wrist bands to the children and these were removed at the end of the party as gifts were handed out. There was face painting for everyone and an inflatable Hacienda for the kids to jump around. A clown provided balloon animals and entertainment. A total of 350 wrist badges were given out. As the pizza was being served Santa Claus slipped away to get into uniform. The crowd was excited and waiting when he appeared and started handing out gifts to the children. The smiling faces, gracias and a few tears from frightened ninos relayed their thanks. Each child got a gift, a bag of candy and an orange topping off a great day at Mira Mar!

Face painting at Mira Mar
Face Painting at the Mira Mar party

Children enjoy the inflatable hacienda
Children enjoy the inflatable hacienda at Mira Mar

Terry Sovil plays Santa at Mira Mar
Terry Sovil plays Santa at the Mira Mar Party

Santiago Gran Posada Children's Christmas Party

This event was again held in Santiago. New this year was an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the number of bubble blowers and bubbles produced. A fire truck with a huge ladder came in to allow a videographer and photographer to get up above the crowd to document the bubble event. Results were all submitted and we will learn in a few weeks if a world record was established.

Grand Posada for the Children
Grand Posada (Party) for the Children in Santiago

Arm painting on a young man
Arm painting on a young man at the Santiago Party

Bubble blowing demonstration
Bubble blowing demonstration at the Sangiago Party

Santa at the Santiago Party
Santa at the Santiago Party

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