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SKOL Bar & Grill

by Terry Sovil


SKOLUpon hearing the name I immediately thought "SKOAL"; which is the English version of the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish word "SKOL" which means a toast. I've made several trips for one of the best burgers in town in a pleasant atmosphere.

SKOL is owned by John & Uziel. Frequently staffed by English speaking Lalo, also known as "Edward", I call him: "The Hamburger God". These are big burgers, fully one-third pound, done up on a charcoal grill to your order.

SOL beer on tap includes light and dark. The dark is reminiscent of the amber beers from back home so it is a favorite choice. They also serve wine and have a full bar. Tuesdays is two for one margaritas or vampiros.

Menu selection is small, but delicious. I haven't been able to move past the burgers to try the ribs or wings but I'm sure they are equally as good. Fries (chips) included. Check out their menu at: . You will be pleased to see their pricing and find you can have two burgers, two beers and walk away for under $150 pesos. You will walk away with a smile on your face feeling FULL.

SKOL BurgerYou may be invited to write on their walls. Have something clever in mind before you get there. The walls are full of posters -- Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel and Hardy -- plus writing on the walls by visitors. Some comments are thought provoking, some just funny. The music is varied and I generally enjoy what they play on audio or video. Last trip I watched video clips of Santana, Toto and Paul McCartney in live concerts.

How to do you get to SKOL? Take Madrid Blvd. heading towards Las Brisas. After you pass the big turn-about with the sailing ship keep to the far right lateral. You'll come to a light with a Kiosko on the immediate right. Go through the light and past Costenos coffee shop. You'll come to another light and SKOL will be about half-block farther on the right. If you have ever been to see Dr. Navarro for eyes he is "across the street"from SKOL. SKOL is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00pm to 2:00am. During American Football it will be open daily from noon till 11:00pm.

Secret: Edward's mother runs the little paper/craft shop two doors down. She sells brownies. Really good brownies! I haven't had a chance to order one of her pies but they start with a cookie crust, fruit, cream cheese, and more fruit. Selections include strawberry, banana and mango!

SKOL! Try it, you'll love it.

SKOL Inside SKOL Bar
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