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Carnes and Mariscos Galvan

by Terry Sovil

Carnes and Mariscos Galvan, Seafood, Chicken I paid a visit to a local Santiago restaurant that was new to me, but has actually been here for two years. It is unfortunate for me that it took so long to find Carnes y Mariscos Galvan. The spot they are in used to be a little place called La Suerte.

First let me tell you how to find this place. If you were sitting at Marthita's facing the Boulevard, stood up and went left when you got to the end of the block (directly across from the street that runs alongside the Saturday open air market) you would take another left and at the end of that block you would be in front of the restaurant.

View of Galvans from across the street

The owners have spent time in Long Beach and San Francisco, California and do speak English. Their food is excellent. Out of two trips there we have tried a variety of their offerings including the: Chicken Asado plate, Asado Burrito, Shrimp Burrito and the Shrimp Chimichanga. Prices for these dishes range from 35 to 60 pesos for the plate. Full dinners are 90 pesos and include shrimp and fish filets served in a variety of ways (spicy, butter, garlic, tequila, chipotle etc.). They also have a good selection of cold beer and their meals include chips and salsa. They also make seafood cocktails, fajitas and soups.

The Owners of Galvans

They are open Friday through Wednesday, closed on Thursday, from 10:30am to 7:00pm. You can reach them by phone at 314-703-6263. I've seen a lot of ex-pats at this location so if you haven't tried it yet you should. You are in for a real treat! You can see photos of their place on FaceBook at: Salud!

The entrance to Galvans Restaurant

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