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The Coffee Bean

by Terry Sovil

Santiago has a new addition to the business scene, The Coffee Bean.  This is a new coffee shop that will look familiar and comforting to ex-Pats as well as locals.  Open daily they serve up coffee made from beans grown in Chiapas.  Way down on the southern border of Mexico is Guatemala’s Huehuetenango area where great coffees are grown.  These beans share some similarities because of the closeness. 

The Coffee Bean

The Coffee Bean Coffee They have a selection of treats and meals for breakfast and lunches.   I’ve tried the pumpkin role, cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, chocolate cake and a waffle.  I’ve gotten a close look at the bagel breakfast sandwich and it looks delicious.  There are sandwiches as well.  They brew all of the standard fare (lattes, cappuccinos, house blend) plus smoothies. 

They have a large meeting room setup in the back and that room is available to local groups for meetings.  They have a large screen, projector and can even provide a computer and technical support to get your meeting off to a great start.  One unique option is their ability, and willingness, to help your group set up a fundraiser.   An example might be a local school that wants to buy a couple of computers.  They can print up some flyers, distribute them and tell supporters to visit The Coffee Bean on a specific day during specific hours.  While they are enjoying the coffee and food they know that a percentage of the proceeds will go directly to their school for computers. This is a really unique and great approach for local groups that benefits everyone.

If you are looking for the Coffee Bean it is just to the right of Juanito’s parking area.  If you were across the street looking at Juanito’s they are located just to the right.   Plan a visit soon and you’ll have a wonderful time.  Lee and his wife are here from Texas running a great place so make them welcome to Manzanillo!

The Coffee Bean Counter
The Coffee Bean Counter
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Address: Privada Los Naranjos #30, Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico  28860
Phone in the USA direct to the shop in MX: 909-266-0271
Phone Internationally to MX: 011-52-314-334-6394
Phone from MX: 314-334-6394
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