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About Aquatic Sports and Adventures

Aquatic Sports and Adventures is the newest PADI Resort Facility #21366 in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. We are proud to be the newest shop in town and our reception has been superb! Our professional staff strives to offer the highest level of service in Manzanillo. Scuba diving and snorkeling are meant to be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable sports. We want our divers to leave with a positive experience of diving Manzanillo. We will provide you with a gentle introduction to SCUBA but can also provide you with some thrilling advanced diving! We have brought some fresh blood and new approaches to diving in Manzanillo. Businesses with no competition grow lazy and sedentary.

Aquatic Sports and Adventures is a PADI Authorized Resort Facility and meets ISO 24803 Standards as an ISO Recreational Scuba Diving Service Provider. Our staff has 75 years of combined diving experience. We offer all mainline PADI training and 17 Specialty areas.

Aquatic Sports and Adventures will provide you with:

  • Service with close attention to detail for your needs and desires
  • Enjoyable, fun experiences
  • Safety is a major consideration
  • Professionalism from an entire staff of PADI PROs
  • Our staff is current in First Aid, CPR and Oxygen administration
  • Our staff is trained as PADI Rescue Divers
  • Our staff gets in the water with you on every dive, snorkel or SCUBA
  • A high end compressor with state of the art filtration
  • Our breathing air is tested by Trace Analytics in Texas on a regular basis
  • Leading edge equipment sterilization program
  • A gentle introduction to SCUBA through a Discover Diving Experience
  • Eco-friendly diving and protection of our resources
  • Equipment rentals, sales, repairs
  • Enriched Air Nitrox at 32 and 36%
  • Retail sales of important items for a traveling diver
  • Ample parking

Business Hours Aquatic Sports and Adventures

As of April 16, 2018 our summer low season) business hours are:
CLOSED Mondays
9:00am-5:00pm Tuesday through Saturday
9:00am-2:00pm Sunday
Dive Trip or Class? 8:00 or 8:30am Sharp!
We are on Central Time.

Map to Aquatic Sports and Adventures

map to Aquatic Sports Adventures

Within easy walking distance of JUANITO's restaurant in the SANTIAGO district of Manzanillo and next door to the Iglesia Cristiana Church. From Juanito's walk East and take the first right!

Staff at Aquatic Sports and Adventures

Nathan Peach Photo Collage

Nathan Peach

Nathan, PADI DM# 302245, is the Corporate Administrator (President), Operations Manager, Accountant and Equipment Repair specialist for Aquatic Sports and Adventures. Nathan has been diving and sailing in the Caribbean, Southern California, Lake Superior and Walt Disney Worlds Epcot Aquarium. He has several years experience in each of the following fields: retail, customer service, hospitality, accounting, web design/programming. He does our retail design, costing, critical thinking, graphics work, web work and programming. Nathan is a PADI Divemaster with ambitions to become an instructor.

See details on Nathan's Dive Resume

Carlos R. Hernández Llamas Photo Collage

Carlos R. Hernandez Llamas

Carlos, PADI IDCS #68628, comes with a respectable dive history spanning 20 years as of 2012. Carlos, fluent in Spanish and English, holds a PADI IDCS rating (Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor). Carlos has attended equipment repair courses for most all of the major vendors including Sherwood, Cressi, ScubaPro, Aqualung, Apex, Suunto, Mares and Seaquest. He is a gas blending technician and Tec Rec Gas Blender Instructor, NACD and IANTD FULL CAVE diver. He is familiar with the Dolphin/Atlantis Re-breather as a specialty diver. He is an Emergency First Response with Automated External Defibrillator Instructor and a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor. He is a DOT FSO High Pressure Hazmat Technician and has a lengthy list of PADI Specialty Instructor ratings.

Carlos has been diving and working in Roatan, Honduras, Cabo San Lucas, Southern California (Channel Islands, San Diego Wreck Alley), Cozumel, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, and the Cenotes/Caverns of Akumal, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. Carlos has logged close to 17,000 dives in his 20+ years. He has lived in London, Paris, Belize, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Houston and Newport, Rhode Island.

Check out Carlos' underwater videos on Youtube!

See details on Carlo's Dive Resume

Terry Sovil Photo Collage

Capt. Terry Sovil

Captain Terry Sovil is a PADI Master Instructor, #12724, and started diving in 1969, earning his Instructor's rating in 1980 and his Master Instructor rating in 1985. He holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master's License (Captain's License). Experience includes diving extensively in Lake Superior, Midwest lakes & quarries in the USA, all over the Caribbean and Southern California. Terry has an extensive background in training; training development and computers (web design, Project Management, programmer and analyst). He worked for a large national Fortune 500 company in the USA as a Corporate Trainer with responsibility for training and training oversight in the western half of the USA. He was Lead Project Manager for a company developing high end web sites and interactive on-line training. Terry has attended many forums on training and speaking including Bergerac Trainer Talk and the Eliott Masie Learning TRENDS and Masie Center forums. He draws on a broad base of experience in training and diving! He has been diving in Manzanillo since 2009 and knows the dive sites well. He has the highest PADI Instructor rating in Manzanillo.

See details on Terry's Dive Resume

Blackie and Tiwi our dogs

Tiwi and Blackie

The staff met Blackie (left in the photo) and Tiwi (like "kiwi" the fruit) shortly after we moved to Manzanillo in February 2009. They owned the pastor and his family in the church next door. When the pastor had to re-locate to a new church in the summer of 2010, they asked if they could stay with us. After being friends with them for so long we couldn't refuse! A very happy day.

Photo of Tiwi the most gentle and affectionate dog ever.


Tiwi was a fantastic dog. One of the most affectionate and gentle dogs ever. Sadly she contracted canine distemper virus. She lived through it but it damaged her immune system. Tiwi came down with a horrible infection. The vet did a lot of tests but he couldn't pinpoint where or what it was. Tiwi died February 24th, 2015.

Photo of Mimi


We got Mimi in May of 2015. She was a rescue dog that had been on the streets for most of her life. We saw a post on Facebook. Mimi was not very trusting of anyone. Even us. We worked with her for about 6 months and she was a very smart, strong and brave dog. In May of 2016 we found parts of her neck swollen. Lymph nodes. It turned out that Mimi had a non-Hodgkins type of Lymphoma cancer. We saw two new vets in town and tried to prolong her life with some chemotherapy. We had to put Mimi down on June 14, 2016 when a massive infection set in and couldn't be controlled due to her weak immune system.

Photo of Muneca


Muñeca came to us via a note from the Vets that helped us with Mimi. They had an older dog that had been hit by a car and broke her left front leg. She lived at a gas station. A local vet did surgery but the recovery was back at the gas station and Muñeca broke her leg again. Worse than the car crash. She was taken to our vets and the decision was made to amputate her left front leg. We met Muñeca on August 10, 2016. Her surgery was that night. We visited with her every day bringing Blackie along. Her caregivers couldn't have her in their home. They fed her and took good care of her but she needed a new home. We were able to bring her to her new forever home on August 24, 2016. She got comfortable very quickly. A very gentle, affectionate dog.

Photo of Blackie


Through all of our dogs Blackie has been our anchor. She remains healthy and happy. She was bound to Tiwi, tolerated Mimi but seems she will have a new best friend with Muñeca. Blackie is a very intelligent and gentle dog. She likes everyone though barks at folks coming in the yard. We love her dearly.

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Information: info@aquaticsportsadventures.com Information
Contact Captain Terry: terry@aquaticsportsadventures.com Terry Sovil
Contact Nathan: nathan@aquaticsportsadventures.com Nathan Peach
Aquatic Sports and Adventures
Address: Privada Los Naranjos #30, Santiago, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico  28860
Phone in the USA direct to the shop in MX: 909-266-0271
Phone Internationally to MX: 011-52-314-334-6394
Phone from MX: 314-334-6394
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